THE TOOLSJill Moorhead


THE TOOLSJill Moorhead

Employers who hire CCAD graduates know they’ve already got more than a degree. They’ve got the skills to succeed in any business environment. Here are nine ways our grads are set to hit the ground running.

Embedded business content. Color theory meets marketing at CCAD. Here, we embed business content into our studio courses beginning in the first year. Our students learn about budgets, intellectual property, and contracts from the beginning.


Business Math. At CCAD, our business math class goes far beyond the textbook. We bring math into the creative world. Like using ratios to resize images to submit for publication. Or figuring out exactly how much to put toward your debt each month to maximize your cash flow and minimize interest payments. You know, math for the creative life you’ll lead.

Networking. Columbus is a big city with a small town feel, and we take advantage of that with programs like Sun Down Run Down each fall. Our students meet investors, entrepreneurs, writers, and enthusiasts from the community in this part networking and part Shark Tank event.

Co-Curricular Workshops. With Free Food. At CCAD, our Career Services and Business & Entrepreneurship Department offer co-curricular workshops on taxes, contracts, negotiations, pricing, resumes, web presence, and internships. 

Recruiting On Campus. It’s all about who you know, and here at CCAD, we know some of the biggest names in the creative business. Our Recruiting On Campus (R.O.C.) series brings companies like Pixar, Goodby Silverstein, and Abercrombie & Fitch to CCAD for campus tours, classroom visits, interactive workshops, and more, giving our students a foot in the door with some dream employers. Oh, and they even review student portfolios and conduct interviews while they’re here.

Internship and Job Fair. Wouldn’t it be great if employers, like, came to us? With our Internship and Job Fair, organizations with opportunities for internships and post-graduation positions in the art and design fields set up shop right on the CCAD campus. Our students interview right on the spot, with help from Career Services’ digital guide to making a good first impression.

Lots of classes. CCAD offers eight (eight!) classes within the business and entrepreneurship department that are tailored for artists and designers. It is pretty much impossible to leave CCAD without a little business exposure. And it’s super easy to complete a business minor.


Business activism. Want to change the world? We get it. Columbus is a hub of social enterprise activity, and CCAD’s Business of Art for Social Change is a delightful marriage of entrepreneurship, activism, and creativity. Students work with GiveBackHack and get to know members of the social enterprise community in Columbus, all while building their entrepreneurial and business skills. 




Women’s Leadership Institute. CCAD set up the Women’s Leadership Institute to empower students to build managerial and leadership skills. These workshops include hands-on activities, practices, and strategies to help students turn talk into action. Because that’s how real change is made.