Jake Bova (Cinematic Arts, 2015) has a passion for compelling storytelling. The Columbus College of Art & Design alumnus has worked on the sets of commercials, TV shows, and even international film. When he’s not behind the camera, you’ll find him in his workshop, carving with wood and leatherworking to make equipment and costumes for historical reenactment groups around the country. Currently, Bova works with the marketing team at Juvly Aesthetics to generating content and devising media marketing strategy for one of the nation's fastest growing cosmetic dermatology practices. Below, find three of Bova’s favorite works of his own making, and check out more of his reel on Vimeo.

The Voyage North (trailer)

The Voyage North :: TRAILER from Nick Serban IV on Vimeo.

This is a trailer from a feature I had the pleasure of working on this past summer. I got to travel to Montreal and film in this gorgeous village where thousands of people would gather every year to fight and live the medieval lifestyle. Such a gorgeous place, you really lose yourself there.

The Andys

The Andys from Jake Bova on Vimeo.

I love this piece. I told myself I’d never work on anything I couldn’t find myself having fun with, and this is by far one of my most fun videos I’ve worked on. This was actually a brief assignment for my Anatomy class: I was pressed to accurately portray body movement in my medium, and since mine was film, I decided to throw everything at the wall and have a little fun with it.

Spring 2016 Demo Reel

Spring 2016 Demo Reel from Jake Bova on Vimeo.

This is my most recent demo reel, featuring work I’ve completed at CCAD, McGraw-Hill Education, AEP, Elevate Pictures, and so much more. I love working on these demo reels: it’s a refreshing look back at your highlights and really shows how far you’ve come to get here.